PILA has made my child believe in himself again. It has restored his self esteem, and allowed him to reach his full potential. As a child that struggled with the distractions of a traditional classroom, this has been a God send. He is now looking forward to planning his future! The support structure is phenomenal!
As a custodial grandparent, PILA is like a breath of fresh air. It's an honor to be a part of a program that makes your children feel like they belong. They aren't being picked on because of their race, because they aren't popular, or because they are an  introvert. Some children don't do well in a classroom. They need extra time or even to be in a group discussion about an assignment. With PILA being so flexible they can take the time or arrange a discussion. Or they can Skype a friend or teacher with a problem. Although they still learn and are doing their work, they can do it in a much more relaxed environment. I just think it's a great learning experience for everyone.
My child has been able to focus on her EDUCATION and not on what other kids have, what other kids are doing, how other kids are treating each other (which I have heard from other parents is terrible). It is also a major plus for her to have access to her lessons so that she can rewatch them if need be. We also love that we can make our own schedule. Not everyone learns best at 8 a.m. sorry I couldn’t pick just one thing! I could write a book of all the things we love about PILA!!


  • I can go back to the lesson as many times as I want, if I’m having trouble remembering something.

  • I get to make more money working

  • I would say that Pila has made me love school again and the people are so sweet and also made me feel proud with what I am working because it is more advanced.

  • PILA has allowed me to be able to learn things easier and quicker than I was able to while at regular school. It also allows me to work at my own pace, rather than being rushed, or in some cases, having to wait for the entire class to finish. 

  • It has given me one on one which has help me. In a regular classroom you aren't able to get this. Been able to redo assignments is great...