We understand that the decision to change your child's educational journey is a big one. Transitioning to an online learning school is a big adjustment and not for all students. As you make this very important decision, please consider the answers to the following questions:
Question 1: Does my child have the time in his or her schedule to devote to an online class? Similarly, is my family available to give my child the support he or she needs to be successful in an online learning environment?
Question 2: Does my child possess basic computer and internet navigation skills?
Question 3: Does my child have the patience, flexibility, and adaptability necessary to deal with unforeseeable frustrations?
Question 4: Does my student have the reading comprehension and patience necessary to carefully follow written instructions?
Question 5: Does my student have the ability to communicate frequently and effectively with both the instructor and classmates?
Question 6: Does my student have the ability to create and manage a scheduling system for keeping track of deadlines?
Question 7: Does my child have the ability to work independently?
Question 8: How distractible is my child?
Question 9: Is my child ready to maturely engage with others in an online environment?
Question 10: Is my child interested in online learning?
Questions from: Potts, Jessica Alison, and Skip Potts. “Is Your Gifted Child Ready for Online Learning?” Gifted Child Today, vol. 40, no. 4, 2017, pp. 226–231.

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