Our Mission
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To provide students in Polk County with a high quality education in a flexible, online learning environment that will impart the knowledge, skills, and characteristics necessary for college and career readiness.

Our Vision
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We believe:

● Building solid relationships will enhance the learning experience.

● Students can develop a love of learning by taking ownership for the learning experience. ● Students, parents, and teachers should be active partners in the educational process.

● The student experience in online and blended learning will prepare them for post secondary education and future employment.


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Welcome to the future of education! 

Over the past few years, my educational philosophy has been reaffirmed time and time
again. Children are unique. Children are special. Children aren’t meant to spend their
days inside four walls and confined to a desk. Kids learn best when given some
freedom to explore. They learn when they’re engaged and interested. It is my goal to
provide an education that will give your child an outlet to explore and to learn to enjoy

This form of education requires a shift in mindset. Learning is no longer tied to ‘seat
time’. You may find that once all the distractions and transitions of the brick and mortar
school day is taken out, your child’s day is shorter than it used to be. That’s ok! Fill that
time with something they love to do. Find out what they’re interested in. What would
they like to learn more about?

This type of education allows flexibility, but your child may need a lot of guidance in the
beginning. Help your child develop a routine, a schedule, then allow them to
make changes as they need.

I hope that you find it extremely rewarding to share this educational experience with your child. Know that I have a heart for children and their well-being comes above all else.


Dr. Tamra Lanning

K-5 Lead Teacher, Jawana Goodman


As a classroom teacher in a brick-and-mortar setting, I learned many things about children; they are wonderfully curious, they have brilliant ideas when given high-interest tasks, and they are malleable when you have a meaningful and respectful relationships with them. However, it was often difficult to help children develop those traits with the demands of a classroom schedule.

For various reasons, some children learn better when taken out of the classroom and given the opportunity to learn differently. Our virtual program provides a curriculum that meets Tennessee State Standards, but is measured by “tasks complete”, rather than “time working”. Students work weekly through modules to satisfy attendance requirements. We also provide two learning centers where students can receive tutoring or can socialize with other peers in the program, as well as, virtual platforms on which to communicate with teachers and peers. These centers and virtual platforms are the foundation of our program, because they allow us to build those important relationships with our students, giving your child leaders that they can count on and respect.

I enjoy the experience of working with students of all ages on a daily basis. Our days are always fun-filled and interesting! If you are interested in virtual education, we would love to discuss it with you to see if it is a good fit for your child.


Jawana Goodman

Math Lead Teacher, Jon Henderson


Hello! My name is Jon Henderson, and I am excited to be part of Polk County Schools! My family and I recently moved to the area from Franklin, Tennessee, and living in East Tennessee is a dream come true for us.


My educational philosophy has experienced many shifts during the past two years, but my core values have remained the same: Believe in students and support them until they reach their goal. I discovered Dr. Lanning and PILA several years ago via social media and I feel blessed to be part of this team.


At PILA, we strive to give your child a unique, independent learning experience with direct support always available as needed. I look forward to getting to know all of our families on a personal level and partnering with you this year.


Always feel free to reach out with any questions you have.